Muay Thai Boxing Chiang Mai, Loikroh Stadium

On the List of top things to do in Chiang Mai, is the fighting event called Muay Thai Boxing. We were not going to miss it!

Loikroh Muay Thai Boxing Stadium - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Loikroh Muay Thai Boxing Stadium

One fine evening during our stay in Chiang Mai,  we walked to the Loikroh Boxing Stadium to watch Muay Thai boxing (video below). The entrance fee was 400 baht (USD$11.65) per person for 6 fights and a program. Although they advertise with a 9 pm start time, it did not begin until 9:30, but it gave us ample time to find a seat, not at the front as that is VIP, and get a drink.

‼️ Watch out for the waitresses- they try to steal the change! Drinks are expensive! 360 baht (USD$10.50) for 1 cocktail & 2 small beers.

broadcaster keeps the excitement up with play by play announcements and information in English.  If you are into betting, you could place bets with locals by holding up your money and laying it on the table for him to match; 100฿ / $3 was low, but they would always take the bet!

Main Fight at Loihkroh Muay Thai Stadium - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Main Fight at Loihkroh Muay Thai Stadium

The program showed 6 fights altogether with 5 rounds each (if no knockout).  The 1st match was a main fight between 2 Thai nationals with a knockout in round 4.

Muay Thai Boxing Program - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Muay Thai Boxing Program

Fights 2 and 3 were females, foreigners from Australia and Sweden, against Thais.  Fight #2 with Annette the Australian was pretty good and her Thai opponent Ormduen was a great match, but the Swedish fighter Frida from the third fight seemed slightly slow and out of shape.

Australia VS Thai Face Punch, Ouch - Chiang Mai Thai Boxing
Australia VS Thai Face Punch, Ouch!

The fourth and best fight was again a main fight between male Thais.  It was the best fight of the night; the opponents, Skitpon and Seanchailek were well matched and in great shape making for an exciting battle.

Skitpon Takes a Break - Muay Thai Boxing, Chiang Mai
Skitpon Takes a Break

The next fight saw Youri from Switzerland against Thongchai from Thailand. The Swiss arrogantly strutted his stuff around the ring, winning the match with a knockout. This did not seem to please the Rocky wannabe? as he stood above the broken body of his opponent, screaming for him to get up.

Swiss VS Thai - Boxing, Chiang Mai
Swiss VS Thai

The eventful evening passed very quickly, and by 11:30 PM, the fighting was finish and everybody left, in search of cheaper drinks and beds.

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