Marina Boulevard, Sheraton Street, Restaurants, Shopping and more are just a few things to see and do in Hurghada, Egypt!

It is time to put on your adventure hat, grab a cab or the bus and get out of that all inclusive hotel.  Hurghada is a city on the Red Sea Coast filled with things to see and do.  Here is a short list of many attractions.  Feel free to add your experience and ideas below in the comments section!

Marina Boulevard
Probably rated the number one thing to do when in this Egyptian city, the marina is a great place to take a stroll while looking at all of the beautiful yachts in port.

A little on the pricier side, but definitely worth a visit!

There are numerous restaurants, cafes and shops and the street is not too long.  I recommend walking it in one direction so you can check everything out including prices and then stopping into one of the places for a leisurely drink, a nice seafood meal or to simply smoke a shisha (water pipe).

Sheraton Street
This street is the most popular street in Hurghada for shopping. Lined with clothing, shisha and souvenir shops, as well as fast food such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken, you will not be bored. Wear sturdy shoes and plan a lot of time – prices are excellent. Even if you do not consider yourself a shopper, the action alone is worth the visit!

Al Mina Mosque
Culture is always a wonderful addition to any travel so why not make a quick visit to the Al Mina Mosque? No, it is not as gorgeously spectacular as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and it cannot compare with the Sultan Ahmed / Blue Mosque in Istanbul, but at night, the Al Mina is truly charming and worth a peak.

Seafood Restaurants
What is a trip to the Red Sea without indulging in some of the wonderfully tasty Seafood? Do not miss the chance to try some of the many fresh offerings. We had a wonderful experience in the Al Halaka Restaurant, directly across from the fish market and basically one block over from the Marina Boulevard.

Fruit Stands
You can not go home without trying some fresh dates and figs from one of the numerous fruit stands dotting the city. They come in various shapes, sizes and quality and the vendors will be more than happy to let you try them! A wonderful treat to take back home with you (if allowed) or to simply enjoy in your room with a cup of tea.

Shisha Shops
… are everywhere! Water pipes, also known as hookah, come in all shapes and sizes. At the moment fashionable, it can make a great gift or souvenir and comes in many shapes and sizes. Not a smoker? This oriental piece still looks exotically intriguing as a piece of art. As stated before, there are many dedicated stores; we bought ours at Tiger Heart.

Hurghada is definitely worth a visit once, day or night.  I would argue, if you go, you will want to go back!  Get ready for crazy driving, bright lights, dark alleys, friendly people, dirty streets, great food, and so much more!

Location:  Africa > North East Africa > Middle East > Egypt > Red Sea Coast > Hurghada

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