The Gorge Country Kitchen – Elora, Ontario – Restaurant Review

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On our recent trip to the village of Elora in Ontario, Canada, we had the opportunity to eat at a family owned and operated establishment, The Gorge Country Kitchen. The eatery was recommended to us by a local resident after a request for an affordable insiders tip, serving Canadian food with a casual atmosphere and licensed to serve alcohol.

Daily Specials at the Gorge Country Kitchen, Elora, ON, Canada
Daily Specials at the Gorge Country Kitchen, Elora, ON, Canada

Sunday morning, waking up late and hungry seemed like the perfect day to have brunch; a short drive through the scenic countryside brought us into the village of Elora. A large unpresumptuous steel and brick building with an outdoor patio and huge signs indicated we had arrived at our destination, the Gorge Country Kitchen.

With absolutely no expectations, we entered the foyer where a huge line up greeted us, which we consider a good sign. The line of hungry customers with the same idea moved quickly and we were seated within 5 minutes. Several areas seemed to be sectioned off, creating a cozy feeling even though there was a large amount of seating, as well as an almost empty bar area which assumedly is busier at night or during sports events. A friendly server appeared immediately with huge menus (breakfast and lunch), a warm greeting and took our drink order, promising to return promptly for our food order.

The huge menu was extensive, picky eaters guaranteed to find something to eat! Our coffee, caesars and water were dropped off and our order was taken. Ordering was a breeze as our server guided us every step of the way. Our naiive group of six ordered an array of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausages, ham, toast, sandwiches and french fries. The atmosphere was chatty and warm, the kitchen was open for curious eyes.

We never saw the bottom of our coffee cup as our efficient server would effortlessly scoot by refilling mugs (bottomless cup); staff seemed content and always smiling – with each other as well as the guests. The caesars, a Canadian special concoction of clamato juice, vodka, spices and garnishes, were spiced to perfection. A buzz of chatter filled the air as food orders kept appearing at the pick up counter and servers smoothly carried huge platters, not missing a beat. And then it was our turn!!!

Our orders included two Gorge Usuals, an Eggs Benedict, a BLT sandwich, a Hungry Man’s Platter and a Reuben Sandwich. The food not only looked amazing, it tasted scrumptious; it was fresh, hot, and delivered exactly as ordered, not a given these days! The generous portions displayed below speak for themselves!

Why we like it: Hugely satisfying meal, exceptional friendly, and efficient service, pleasing atmosphere and value make the Gorge Country Kitchen a winner in our eyes.

The Gorge Country Kitchen is located at 82 Wellington Road 7, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0, Canada

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