Goa in a Day – Asia Tour 2017

Goa – Tourism, Beaches and great Indian Food. Whether arriving by Cruise ship or by land, if you have only one day, here is how to do it on a budget!

Bogmalo Beach - Lifeguard. Goa, India
Bogmalo Beach – Lifeguard. Goa, India

Most prominently known for it’s beaches, Goa the western India state also has spice plantations and many churches from the Portuguese 17th century colonization which lasted until 1961. We decided to hit the beach and try some good eats!

Side Street in Goa, India
Side Street in Goa, India

We negotiated a taxi who drove us through busy areas caked in a red dust, full of lots of bustling people, motorbikes and shops.  Occasionally areas opened up to fields of green. Eventually we arrived at a beach where we were actually allowed to consume beer – many beaches in India prohibit it!

Bogmalo Beach - Goa, India
Bogmalo Beach – Goa, India

Enter Bogmalo Beach. We were dropped off in a makeshift village of convenience stores, restaurants and motels – all businesses based on beach goers.  We made our way past tons of people trying to sell their wares, politely saying no thank you with a smile and pushing on.

Fruit Street Vendor - Goa, India
Fruit Street Vendor – Goa, India

The beach itself was not too busy. There was a lifeguard on duty, the water was calm and the few people there were soaking up the sun or cooling off in the brown tinted water.

Bogmalo Beach Shoreline - Goa, India
Bogmalo Beach Shoreline – Goa, India

We checked menu prices as well as alcohol and internet availability ?  and settled on the John Seagull Bar and Restaurant – proudly serving Kingfisher beer which was promptly ordered!

Spicy Cheese Garlic Naan Bread - Goa Indian Food
Spicy Cheese Garlic Naan Bread – Goa Indian Food

For a starter, we ordered some Vegetable Kholapuri, which is a spicy stew of vegetables and tofu with a side of cheese garlic spicy naan bread.  The food was served hot and delicious. It really was amazing; the nan bread had a delicate balance of spicy, crispy and chewy and the Kholapuri was spiced to perfection with the best tofu I have ever tasted. We debated ordering more, but knew we needed to leave room to try more dishes.

Vegetable Kholapuri - Vegan Indian Dish
Vegetable Kholapuri – Vegan Indian Dish

Next we had some Chicken Biryani (mixed rice) which was served with a side of Rayta (yogurt based sauce). Again, everyone agreed it was very tasty – our empty plates attested to that.

Biryani Chicken Rice India
Biryani Chicken Rice

Would I go back to Goa? Probably, but it is not at the top of my list for beaches. Even here, the smog is thick.  Next Stop: New Mangalore, India

Colorful Bus in Goa, India
Colorful Bus in Goa, India

Total Cost (4 people): Taxi $5 to beach (12 km), Taxi $5 to port (12 km), Food and drinks – 6 beer, 2 cocktails, 5 cokes (10 mini cans), appetizers and entrees: $43.00

Grand Total: $53.00 (approx. 3600 rupees) for 4 = $13.25 pp (no lodging)

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