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Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos and How to Get There by Bus, Cheap!

So we decided to take the Vientiane Bus to Buddha Park because, well, it’s cheap. We had read online that some people did it, therefore, how hard could it be?  Well, it wasn’t easy, but it will be for you if you decide to go, because I have documented each step and as long as nothing changes, this can be your fool proof guide!? Photos

Four Armed Lady, Prayer and Offerings - Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos
Four Armed Lady, Prayer and Offerings

First, get yourself to the Vientiane Center; this place was a shock to us. Everything in Laos seems so not advanced and then here, amongst the dust and dirt was this beautiful oasis of a shopping mall.  Leave yourself some time to explore this monster if you are in need of shopping or just some air conditioned relief.  We walked from our hotel, so it wasn’t too far from the town centre / hotel district.

Vientiane Center, Shopping Mall - Laos
Vientiane Center, Shopping Mall

Beside the mall, you will see the bus station – this is NOT where the bus leaves from, but it is the general area. Turn right towards the street market, watching the side streets on the left. Hopefully, you will spot a big bus with the display panel lights (above the windshield) advertising Buddha Park #14 – ask to make sure and get on to this wonderful air conditioned transport. Warning ⚠️: People lie – they give wrong directions, say there is no bus and try to sell tuk tuk and taxi services.

Public Bus Arrival at Buddha Park - Vientiane, Laos
Public Bus Arrival at Buddha Park

Our bus left at 12:40pm, FULL; not sure if they waited until it was full to leave or if it actually leaves at a scheduled time. The back row of the bus was completely taken by Monks; cool sight.  Don’t worry about paying yet, it will happen later, either with a collector or when you leave.

If you have data on your smartphone, you can load the Lao Bus Navi and map. Here, you can see the bus route, click on it to confirm the price, or choose other routes!? This is advertised on the bus, a little late for our purposes, but lucky you, I wrote it down.

On arrival, we exited the front door, like everybody else, and paid the driver 6,000 kip per person (USD$0.73)? one way; entrance to Buddha Park was free. FYI: Our bus took 1 hour for the trip, but most certainly it varies as the bus makes many stops. I think, based on observing, you can flag it down anywhere along the route.

Buddha Park from the Top of the Pumpkin - Vientiane, Laos
Buddha Park from the Top of the Pumpkin

We spent a leisurely 1.5 hours in the park. ?Tip: take a lunch & do not forget water! There are a few stores and a restaurant there, but we did not purchase anything, so I cannot tell you how the prices were.  You catch the bus back to Vientiane on opposite side of the road . Last bus is at 4:45pm.

Local Bus to Buddha Park - Vientiane, Laos
Local Bus to Buddha Park

This time, a money collector came through and collected the bus fare money, another 6,000 kip.  ?Note: Make sure they do not rip you off – they will try; either have the exact amount or make sure you get your proper change back!

For more photos of the mystical Buddha Park, click here.

Q & A:
Q. Should I go to Buddha Park / Is it worth it?
A. Definitely! How often will you see so many Buddhas in one place?
Q. How long does it take to get to Buddha Park?
A. Our bus took one hour. It varies depending on how many stops the bus makes.
Q. How much does the bus to Buddha Park cost?
A. It cost us 6000 kip each
Q. How much is the entrance fee to Buddha Park?
A. I have seen all kinds of different prices on the internet, but there was no charge when we arrived… maybe only in the morning, I don’t know. For us it was free.
Q. Is there somewhere to eat at Buddha Park?
A. Yes, there is a restaurant, as well as a souvenir store.
Q. How much time will I need at the Park?
A. I think 2 hours should be generously more than enough, unless you plan on having a picnic!
Q. What time is the last bus back to Vientiane, Laos?
A. The last bus is at 4:45 pm.

Please use the comments section below if you have further suggestions, questions or tips as well as any changes in the above info.  Thanks!

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