Asia Tour 2017 – Settling into Ship Life

All Aboard the Celebrity Constellation cruise. Eating, drinking, socializing, relaxing! Asia Tour 2017 Begins

Day 2 – Checked onto the Celebrity Constellation cruise ship at Port Mina Zayed in Abu Dhabi. We were welcomed aboard with a glass of champagne and lots of friendly faces milled about. We scooted up to the Oceanview Cafe buffet for a light lunch before checking out all of the amazing facilities on board. I won’t go into great detail as I will dedicate more time in another blog to address the ship itself, so watch for that blog. After attending the mandatory lifeboat drill, we settled into the truly relaxing ship life.

Friendly Check In staff, Abu Dhabi, Celebrity Cruises
Friendly Check In staff, Abu Dhabi, Celebrity Cruises

Abu Dhabi is an amazing starting point; we have been here before, so make sure you check out my blog on that destination! Our second day on board had us in the port of Dubai. Again, another amazing city destination and you can read about it here.

Itinerary Celebrity Constellation
Itinerary Celebrity Constellation

The following 3 days found us at sea. I love sea days; eating, sleeping, reading, socialising and watching some great shows. British vocalist Ben Mills, the production show iHollywood which incorporated aerialists with musicals and X Factor finalist Andrew Derbyshire who performed popular music ranging from the Beatles to The Boss Springsteen were among the evening entertainment offerings.

Next Blog: Mumbai in a Day

Tempting Treats
Tempting treats. Who can resist?
Thinking Next Cruise
Already Checking out future cruises!!

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