Asia Tour 2017 – Packing Day

What do I need to pack? What will I forget? How much is too much? What if I need (fill in your item here) that? Medications, Deo, Toothbrush and Underwear top the list!

In just two days we will be heading out on our big Asia Tour. Excitement is building albeit nervous, last minute preparations.  Cleaning the flat, doing the laundry, last minute shopping and the dreaded packing.  The suitcases are sitting in the corner, reminding me that it is time to start this frustrating chore of travel.

To complicate things further, this trip is not so cut and dry as it includes a 15 night cruise taking us from Abu Dhabi to India and Sri Lanka, ending in Singapore where we have planned a 3 night city stay to partake in the Chinese New Year celebrations. From Singapore we are off to 8 nights in Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi before heading to Thailand where we will trade in the suitcases for backpacks and make our way around Thailand, Vietnam and possibly Laos. And you thought your packing was complicated?!

Luggage ready for Packing

So what am I packing?

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Razor, Hair brush, Personal Toiletries (I do not need to name everything)
  • Medications (prescription + acetaminophen, bandages, disinfectant spray, imodium)
  • Underwear
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Heels
  • Shorts, t-shirts / tanks, capris (rollable, wrinkle free, fast drying)
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Bathing suit
  • Wrap / Shawl (very handy)
  • Cables, cords, chargers, adaptor for Personal Devices (phones, cameras, laptop,etc)
  • Sweater / Shell (for cool nights, wet days, airplanes, etc)
  • Passport, travel documents, travel insurance, etc.
Passports Ready for Travel
Passports Ready for Travel

In addition, installed on my phone are the following apps:

  • Translate Professional – Translates 50 languages with offline access
  • – Offline maps / GPS navigation
  • Google Trips – Trip Organizer, plans, attractions (offline) – I ❤️ this!
  • Skyscanner – Search / book flights, hotels, cars
  • – My favourite go to for checking prices and/or booking accommodations
  • Airbnb – Always worth checking
  • iScanner – Document scanner for iphones (looks like the android equivalent is CamScanner)

Things which had to be taken care of (do not bypass):

  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Visas
  • Will / Living Will (you never know)
  • Money / budget
  • Itinerary – bare minimum a general plan ?

Follow along to see what I have forgotten (there is always something) what we see and do and how the weather cooperates!

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