Apartment Tomi – Kastela, Split, Croatia – Review

In the hills of Kastela, the outer region of Split is where you will find Apartment Tomi; this is my hotel review.

Apartment Tomi, also known as Studio Apartment Tomi
Address: Željeznički put 5, 21217 Kaštela,  Croatia

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my experience.

Following a day of driving and sightseeing, we arrive hot and sweaty at our accommodation . It is 4:30 pm and SURPRISE – no one is here to greet us or check us in?.  This Croatia hotel mentality is starting to go extreme on the nerves – high prices and huge disappointments time after time.
We phone and are told there is a PROBLEM, the room is not ready, and we should come back in 2 hours.

So we make an appointment to meet him (Tomi?) at 6:30 pm and leave for an early dinner.  7 minutes into our drive back down the hill, the phone rings and he tells us he made a mistake and we can go in. We decide to continue with our quickly arranged new plan? and head out in search of a little sightseeing and food.

At 6:30 pm, instead of, as planned, being able to go for an evening walk on the Split waterfront on our one night here, we are heading back to the apartment motel, hoping we will have a room. We arrive and no one is here!!! After waiting 5 minutes, we decide we better phone again when a man on crutches with only one leg comes out of the house and hands us our keys and disappears again. I am so sick of the accommodation in tourist spoiled Croatia.

The studio apartment is new – everything looks clean, fresh and tidy. The refrigerator has some welcome goodies (drinks & snacks) – free. There is a functioning air conditioning unit which is an awesome relief from the heat.

However, we could not lock the door!  I stacked our suitcases in front of it, figuring if anyone tried to enter, we would hear them, but now we definitely can not go out this evening.  To make matters worse, the internet did not function either!

The studio room, imo is too small for 2 people with luggage – maybe it would have worked better if we had only backpacks. The shower has a curtain which is about 50 centimeters too long – kind of gross unless they wash it after every visitor and the rod was falling down due to a miscontruction; the bath towels are only the size of hand towels. The beds are 2 single beds, which is ok for 1 night, but I do prefer to sleep with my partner.

At 9:55 am there was a knock on our door; different person than who checked us in was standing there saying checkout is at 10 AM, please get out to make room for the next people and asked for his €50 for the night.

I explain to him: we did not have any internet
Answer: we are full so it is a problem
I explain to him: the door doesn’t lock, we couldn’t leave
Answer: of course it does – and he proceeds (at checkout) to show us how to lift the handle and turn the key ?? ?

– air conditioning
– mini bar gratis
– kitchenette with dishes, 2 burner stove and kettle
– lots of receptacles
– a hair dryer
– very clean
– dog friendly

– waiting in order to check in
– door does not lock
– small room
– Shitty internet, eventually non existent
– Distance from everything / inconvenient

Cost: €50

Honestly, I believe the ratings have been fudged. When we booked, we saw ratings of 9.8 – the best we had ever seen! However, in our opinion, it deserves a rating of 6.5 tops – based on our experience.

I absolutely DO NOT recommend this place, based on our experience. – Independent Motel Review

Location: Europe  >  Croatia  >  Dalmatia  >  Split-Dalmatia County  >  Kastela  >  Kastel Novi

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