Aerotel Singapore Transit Hotel

A transit hotel in Changi Airport with an outdoor swimming pool. Time to relax.

Hotel NameAerotel Singapore
Address:  Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge, Terminal 1 (above Gate D41), Singapore Changi Airport, 819642

Note:  This is an independent hotel review based on my personal experience via a collaboration with the above brand.

The Hotel:  First and most importantly, Aerotel Singapore is a transit hotel.  That means, when your flight arrives, you DO NOT go through customs, rather you go straight to the Transit Hotel. (Note: It does not say Aerotel) The escalator to get to the third level is to the right of gate D41.

You will not have access to your checked luggage, so make sure you have what you need packed into your carry on.  We made the mistake of passing through customs / immigration and you can read about that nightmare at the end of the article.

The Service / Check In: Excellent.  Friendly, efficient staff.  We checked in Singapore time 8:30 pm with check out scheduled for 2:30 pm; rooms are always booked in 6 hour slots. Our room was # 20.

The Food:  One meal was included with our stay; during check in, we were offered a choice of four dishes. After choosing 2 meals, we were led to a large lounge area with tables, chairs and a view of the tarmac. Coffee machines, infused water and tea were available by self serve.

The calming lounge area incorporates the library as well.  Not a traditional library, it is more of a quiet area where you can curl up with a book and sip away on a tea, relaxing from the travel stress.

I don’t think more than 15 minutes had passed before a chef showed up with our midnight dinner.  The Shrimp Spaghetti was delicious; firm shrimp served in a red tomato sauce over al dente spaghetti.

The Slow Cooked Hainanese Chicken was even better! Sides of white rice with a hint of lime and crispy onion, a rich dark savoury broth, and a side of spicy red sauce for the chicken completed the menu.

The Room:  Better than we expected; spotlessly clean and pleasantly modern with relaxing colors.  The beds were amazing!!! Cosy white bedding with wonderful pillows sent us quickly to dreamland. International plugs were very convenient and we had a nice view of the airport from our window. Complimentary coffee, tea and water were on the desk with a kettle.

Bathroom: Slippers, blow dryer, toilet, sink, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, shower cap,  glass shower with double heads and sufficient towels completed the clean, fresh bathroom.

The Pool: Aerotel Singapore boasts the only outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi in Changi Airport.  They have done a fine job of creating an oasis.  Lounge chairs, a bar, food & drink service, towels and palm trees complete the perfect relax area.  If you are not a guest of the hotel, you can buy a pass to use the facilities.  It closes at midnight.

Fitness Corner:  As the name implies, this is a small area where you can stretch, lift some light weights and do some cardio.

The Cost / Posted rates for a 6 hour stay:
– Solo Room, 1 single bed SGD 70 / €43 / US$53
– Solo Room, Twin, 2 single beds SGD 110 / €67 / US$83
– Double Plus Room Single with meal SGD 105 / €64 / US$80
– Double Room Twin with meal SGD 140 / €85  / US$106
Each additional hour is SGD 20 / €12 / US$15

Negatives: The internet did not work.  We only wanted to sleep, so it was not a big deal, but it would have been good if we could have gotten our emails in while doing it.

What happens if you go through customs / immigration?  DO NOT DO IT!  Here is what happened to us:
We needed to pick up our carry on bag that we were forced to check in, so we followed the signs. BIG mistake. We passed through very friendly customs, picked up our bag and then asked an airport agent how to get to our hotel. They never heard of the hotel, neither had the customs officer. I showed them my booking and they told me to exit arrivals and the information booth would be one the left.
At first the information booth didn’t know either, then they asked to see the reservation. They pointed out that it states you MUST NOT EXIT ARRIVALS.
After several calls, they told us to wait 1/2 hour and someone would come to see if they can help us.
Our flight out was not until 16 hours later, so we were not able to check in, get a boarding pass and clear customs.
Then we were informed, after 1/2 hour, that we would be allowed to pass customs, but not bring our baggage with us. That changed to us having to wait for a supervisor.  Eventually, after another 1/2 hour wait the supervisor showed up.  She filled out a lot of paper work, which took quite awhile, we had to sign everything and then we were taken to security.  That went fairly smooth with more thumb prints and passport checks.  If we would have had check in luggage, it would have been stored (for a fee) until the next day. Copies of the paperwork was given to each check we passed, but it was very smooth and finally we were back in departures / arrivals and able to go to our hotel.  The following day we had to go back through immigration and then proceed as if we had just arrived from the city.

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