Penzion Vilo, Dog Friendly – Bratislava, Slovakia – Review


Located just 2 km from downtown Bratislava, dog friendly Penzion Vilo was our booking choice when visiting the capital of Slovakia.  Here is my review.

Name: Penzion Vilo
Our Cost: €86.80 for 2 nights – €43.40 per night Note: Prices are slightly cheaper if you book directly with the house
Booked via: (not an affiliate)

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First impressions:  The accommodations are very simple, a bright room with two big windows and a ceiling fan, very friendly, full use of kitchen, internet, very small in suite bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, patio with ping pong. It seems the place is owned/managed by a father son team who are both friendly, although only the son speaks some english.

There is a secure parking area where we were instructed to park the car, which of course is a huge advantage, especially due to the narrow, steep street.  The disadvantage is the limited spaces; as more people arrived with vehicles, they were all parked side by side, making it impossible to get out again unless you found the car owner.

The bathroom was very clean.  A firm, hard bed (we like that, but it is a negative if you don’t) with fresh bedding was the focal point.  The main necessities were achieved.

– Dated furnishings
– Dirty – kitchen and floors
– Overall, not as clean as I like it / could be
– Extremely noisy – very loud until 11:30 pm, again at 2:15 am (guests coming back) and then the owners wake up at 6:30 am and start making tremendous noise

It advertises with being in the city center, but it is a 10 minute steep downhill walk to get there, which makes it a steep nightmare uphill walk 😓 to get back.
The normally good for a city cost of €40 per Night is, imo, too expensive.
Note:  In fairness, the kitchen was cleaned, including floors, when we came back the second day

🙁Unfortunately, I can not recommend this place, except maybe for people who party and crash😜.

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