Spree River Cruise Gallery – A Photo Blog

Below you will find a photo tour of the Spree River Cruise excursion in Berlin.  This particular one was called the City Tour and featured many Berlin attractions.  For more infos, visit my blog about the outing.  Hope you enjoy.

Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on YouTube. Also, high quality photos are available for purchase.

This is Konstanz, Germany – A Photo Blog

The town of Konstanz (top 5 things to do), with it’s eclectic Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture; the Rhein River runs through it and opens into the beautiful Lake of Constance – the Bodensee, lovingly referred to locally as Konstanz Am schönen Bodensee.

This is impressions /  a photo blog of this quaint tourist town. Please feel free to contact me if interested in purchasing any photos – in high quality.  (Please note: All photos below have been modified and significantly reduced in quality to assist in faster loading times).  Enjoy!  Comments, info and corrections are welcome in the comments section below.

Map Of Konstanz - Old Town and Surrounding Area
Map Of Konstanz Attractions – Old Town and Surrounding Area


Civitavecchia Photo Blog – Italy – Rome Port of Call

A photo blog of our stay in Civitavecchia, Italy.  Grab ideas of what you might want to see and do while in this charming port of call.  Why rush to Rome if you have already seen it?  Read about our stay in Civitavecchia for costs, tips and more. Click to enlarge pictures.

Links of Interest:
Civitavecchia Town – Out and about, what to see and do
Restaurant Il Boccone d’Oro, Civitavecchia – Review
Pizzeria A Due Passi Dal Ghetto, Civitavecchia – Review
B & B Fuori dal Porto, Civitavecchia – Review
Transportation – Getting out of Civitavecchia

Olympia and Katakolo Greece Photo Memories

Cruise Ship Port of Call, Katakolo, Greece.

Here are a few of my photos from the area including Olympia, the beach Spiatza and the countryside.  For tips, costs and more, visit my Blog.

Photo Memories of the Suez Canal Egypt

The Suez Canal in Egypt is an amazing waterway to transit.  So much history create the backdrop to this man made wonder which transits from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.  Here are a few of my favorite photos I took in 2017 during my Celebrity Cruise.  If you wish to read about it, please visit my blog Suez Canal Egypt by Cruise Ship.

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