D’Medina Bistro


Looking for a Restaurant eatery with fabulous service, good food and great prices in Legian Beach Kuta, Bali?

Restaurant Name: D’Medina Bistro
Address: Jalan Legian No. 111, Legian, Bali, Indononesia – across from Star Surf

Note:  This is an independent hotel / restaurant review based on my personal experience.

The Restaurant: A tidy, small and narrow eatery with a fresh modern cafe diner feeling.  Colourful pictures displaying some of their offerings decorate the brick look walls.

The Service: We were warmly welcomed on our first visit and every visit after by the super friendly server Malik! She was simply great! She had recommendations, was efficient, chatted if you wanted and was always smiling.

The Food: Nice menu serving traditional Indonesian Food with some Western as well as vegetarian options.

Unfortunately, on our first visit, at 1 pm in the afternoon they did not have any cooked rice and said it would take an hour. Assumedly, they had no rice because I have never heard of rice taking an hour to cook. Instead of getting upset, we simply doubled our original order of Mie Goreng Ayam.

The fried noodles with chicken was delicious. A side dish of Sambal Goreng Pedas added the perfect spice level to our meal.

The servings are not huge, but a satisfying amount so you will not walk away stuffed, but not hungry either.

The Cost: 92,000 Rupias / €5.50 / US$6.85 including 1 small mineral water, 2 lemon iced teas and 2 Mie Goreng Noodle dishes.

Do I recommend D’Medina Bistro? I definitely recommend it. Excellent prices, tasty food, friendly service. Affordable, cheap food – where to eat in Kuta Legian Bali.

More dishes we tried:
Sapi Lada Hiram & Rice – Beef in Black pepper sauce, bell pepper, ginger and Capsicum, good
Ayam Lemon & Rice – Deep Fried Chicken Fillet with lemon sauce, ok
Chicken Satay with white rice, good
Ayam Kung Pao – Chicken with cashews and white rice, delicious.

Opening Hours: 12 noon to 4 am

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Location: Asia > SouthEast Asia > Indonesia > Bali Island > Kabupaten Badung > Legian Beach > Jalan Raya Legian > D’Medina Bistro

Apache Reggae Surfer Bar Our Kitchen


Happy hour, live music, food and fun! When the Bali sun sets in Legian Kuta, it is time to head to the Apache.

Restaurant NameApache Reggae Bar / Our Kitchen / Apache Surfer Bar
Address: Jl. Raya Legian No.146, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my personal experience.

The Restaurant / Bar: has Happy Hour two for one and themed nights of live entertainment including rock, reggae, and chart performed by great bands. There are several bars, a dance floor, high seating and table seating.

On the first night when we arrived, a super duper Indonesian live band was performing cover music of hits from the 80’s to present.  People were dancing, drinking and having an all round good time.

It is a fantastic atmosphere with disco balls, patio lanterns, palm leaves and neon lights. They say “the air is charged with the positive energy of love and sweet music” and from what we saw, we have to agree.  Bands start playing at 11 pm.

They serve Indonesian, Chinese, Western and Mexican food from 11 am in the morning until late.  We ordered Satay Campur and Ayam Sambal Matah.  Both dishes were fantastic, I think the Satay was some of the best we had on the Island.

Cost:  Our night including our meals, 4 beers and 2 slings cost 344,500 IDR / €19.50 / US$25

Opening Hours: 11 am to 3 am
Contact: Apache Club

It is definitely worth a visit; whether you love dancing, good music or crazy fun vibe, it is hard not to have fun.

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Location:  Asia > SouthEast Asia > Indonesia > Bali Island > Kuta > Kabupaten Badung > Apache


Warung D’Pererenan Bali


Craving Pizza?  This well priced roadside Restaurant between Tanah Lot and Canggu may calm your Hunger!

Restaurant Name: Warung D’ Pererenan
Address: Jl. Raya Canggu No.88, Pererenan, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my personal experience.

After a wonderful morning walking the park setting of Tanah Lot, we were ravenous and looking for somewhere to eat in the Canggu area.  Driving along the Jl. Prerenan-Tanah Lot highway, we eventually stopped at Warung D’Pererenan.

The Restaurant:
This is a simple, convenient roadside stop serving traditional Indonesian dishes, salads, pasta, burgers, steak and pizza. It is very noisy due to the constant passing traffic, but easy access, fabulous prices and lots of parking make it an easy choice.  This is Indonesian Food without the Bali price!

The Service:
No complaints at all.  All though the lovely ladies working could not speak any english, they tried very hard to understand and kept smiling through it all!

The Food:
For drinks, we ordered a vanilla milkshake as well as a papaya juice.  We kept switching, because one was as good as the other!

Along with the drinks, we asked for a Mie Goreng and a Nasi Goreng.  Again, both dishes, although not huge, were more than filling and tasted delicious.  If you have been following my blogs, you will understand why the following prices make this restaurant an all around winner.

The Cost:
– Mie Goreng 15,000 IDR / €0.85 / US$1.05
– Nasi Goreng 15,000 IDR / €0.85 / US$1.05
– Milkshake 15,000 IDR / €0.85 / US$1.05
– Papaya Juice 10,000 IDR / €0.57 / US$0.70

Later, we saw the pizza and although we had not ordered one, it looked quite tasty and is probably worth a try!

Do I recommend Warung D’Pererenan?  Yes.  Good food, fabulous prices! Seriously, did you see those prices?

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Location:  Asia > SouthEast Asia > Indonesia > Bali Island > North Kuta > Canggu > Warung D’Pererenan Restaurant

MyWarung Berawa, Canggu Restaurant


Casual Dining in Canggu Bali. In search of a unique atmosphere.

Restaurant Name: MyWarung Berawa

Address: Jalan Subak Sari No.80, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, 80361, In, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Denpasar, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my personal experience.

The Restaurant: Easy to find at the side of one of the main roads.  We walked in and immediately felt the chill vibe created through the photos on the walls, a mixed seating combo of lounge & dining, flowers, plants, and pop music beating in the background.  Staff were all smiling and looked like they enjoyed their job!  We visited in the evening and candles glowed softly on the tables.  Downstairs was full, so we were led to an upstairs dining area.

The Food: Dishes on offer include both Vegan and non-vegan options. The Menu offers a nice variety of salads, Indonesian Cuisine, Burgers / Sandwiches, Wraps, Beef Steaks, Chicken, Lamb, Pork and a selection of cakes for the sweet tooth desert lover.  A great selection for those having a hard time deciding where to eat in Bali!

We ordered:
– Nasi Goreng 70,000 IDR / €4.20 / US$4.90
– Mie Goreng 65,000 IDR / €3.90 / US$4.55
– Radler 35,000 IDR / €2 / US$2.45
– Bintang 35,000 IDR / €2 / US$2.45
Service Fee & tax: 31,775 IDR / €2 / US$2.20
Total: 236,775 IDR / €14 / US$16.50

The food itself was outstanding!  It was so fresh and my tastebuds were in overload tasting through the incredible layers of flavour.

The Service:  Excellent!  Professional, friendly, outgoing and aware.

The Price:  Expensive when compared with other restaurants in the area. On top of the already high prices, “A discretionary 15.5% service charge & government tax will be added to your bill.”

Do I recommend it? Yes.  The food was really loaded with layers of awesome flavour and service is outstanding.  If you are not too worried about high prices, but prefer to concentrate on really good tasty food, this is an excellent choice!

Opening Hours:  11 am t0 Midnight
Contact: Website

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Location:  Asia > SouthEast Asia > Indondesia > Bali Island > South Coast > Kuta Utara > Canggu >Jalan Subak Sari > MyWarung Berawa

La Pan Nam Warung Canggu


This Canggu Restaurant is quite possibly serving the best burger in Bali!

Restaurant Name: La Pan Nam Warung
Address: Jl. TPA Batu Mejan No. 21, Pedang Linjong, Canggu

Note:  This is an independent restaurant review based on my personal experience.

The Restaurant:  Well marked and easy to find, La Pan Nam has plenty of scooter parking out front.  It offers a very casual, relaxed atmosphere with a really good feel to it.  An open kitchen allows you to watch your food being prepared, if you wish; ample seating both inside and out, and a really nice, simple menu make this an inviting choice.

But how is the food? What about the service?  We were given a warm greeting when we arrived and told to sit where ever we like.  There is seating both inside and outside.  A server came immediately with menus and asked if we wanted anything to drink. The menu has both Western and Indonesian dishes. Please note: I apologize for my crappy photos – they do the food no justice.

The Food
 Our order on our first visit was:
– Pina Colada 55,000 IDR / €3 / US$4 Creamy, coconut and pineapple delicious
– Water 6,000 IDR / €0.35 / US$0.45

– Nasi Goreng With Fried Chicken 25,000 IDR / €1.40 / US$1.80 Not a huge portion, but sufficient and tasty.
– Mie Goreng With Fried Chicken 25,000 IDR / €1.40 / US$1.80 Also not oversized, but enough to fill, especially with a creamy drink and very good.
Total Cost: 111,000 IDR / €6.60 / US$7 for two persons

Some other dishes we tried on other visits:
– Mie Goreng 18,000 IDR / €1 / US$1.30 Same as above but without the chicken piece
– Vanilla milkshake 20,000 IDR / €1.10 / US$1.50 Delightfully old fashioned
– Banana milkshake 20,000 IDR / €1.10 / US$1.50  Also amazing
– Mango Granita 20,000 IDR / €1.10 / US$1.50 A tangy treat
– Clubhouse with fries 35,000 IDR / €2 / US$2.60 Scrumptious

– Cheeseburger 45,000 IDR / €2.50 / US$3.30  Quite possibly the best cheese burger in Bali, can rival an American burger

– Vegetarian spring rolls 19,000 IDR / €1.10 / US$1.40 Crispy perfection

Do I recommend it?  Yes, great little relaxed place with super service, delicious food and fabulous food prices. Make sure you try the cheeseburger!

Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm
Contact: Tel 0818-0562-9633, Website

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Location: Asia > SouthEast Asia > Indondesia > Bali Island > Badung > Canggu > Kuta Utara > Jl Pantai Batu Mejan > La Pan Nam Warung