River Cruise Evening Bridge Tour Berlin

Cruise the Berlin Canals and Spree River by night – Architecture and Top Attractions glowing under night lights.

For our anniversary and birthdays, friends gave us a romantic evening cruise, officially called the Evening Bridge Tour, on the Spree River and Canals in Berlin.  The boat trip was scheduled to leave from the Jannowitzbrücke at 7:05 pm.

Spree River Canal and Bridge Tour by Night Gallery

Following are the pictures from our fabulous Evening Bridge Tour on the Spree River and Canals at night.  Definitely should be on your list of top things to see and do in Berlin!  If you want to read about costs, where, when and what to see, visit my blog: River Cruise Evening Bridge Tour Berlin.

Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on YouTube. Also, high quality photos are available for purchase.

Spree River Cruise Tour Berlin

A highlight, possibly best way to see Berlin attractions – the Spree River Cruise!

We had the pleasure – a few times because it was so great – of taking one of the many offered Stern and Kreissfahrtschiff Spree River Cruise.  I can highly recommend the Berlin City Tour and following are some of the reasons why.

Reichstagufer Berlin - German Empire - Spree-Tour -0188
Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on YouTube.

We started our tour in the beautiful Treptower Park, but there are several stations depending on the type of tour you book.  The excursion lasted about 3.5 hours and cost €23 per person – worth every penny.

The Berlin City Tour had so many highlights including architecture, history, art and bridges!  Below are some of my favorite attractions in Berlin including, but not limited to the Reichstag, Oberbaumbruecke and Molecule Man statue. Enjoy!

The photo gallery of more of the sights can be seen here: Spree River Cruise Gallery

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Stern and Kreissfahrtschiff (English) – Tours, Times, Booking – Please note, I have no affiliation.


Berlin Attractions by Spree River City Tour include:  Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral, Alte National Gallery, Oberbaumbruecke / Oberbaum Bridge, Mercedes Benz Arena, Jannowitzbrücke, Fernsehturm, Marie Elisabeth Lueders Haus, Neuer Marstall, East Side Gallery, Molecule Man Sculpture, Reichstag / Reichstagufer, Bode Museum, Architecture, Canals, more bridges and more!


Spree River Cruise Gallery – A Photo Blog

Below you will find a photo tour of the Spree River Cruise excursion in Berlin.  This particular one was called the City Tour and featured many Berlin attractions.  For more infos, visit my blog about the outing.  Hope you enjoy.

Please note, the photos are highly compressed to allow for fast loading time. High quality photos can be seen on YouTube. Also, high quality photos are available for purchase.

Top 5 Budget Friendly Things to Do in Konstanz Germany

Local attractions that hit the top 5 things to do when visiting Konstanz – the little city on the Bodensee with the Rhein river running through it.

The city, dating back to the stone ages, has many budget friendly options of things to see and do, all within walking distance of each other.  Alternatively, hop on a bike and move around like a local – either way, you will not be bored!  In no particular order, here is the top 5 list of things to do in Konstanz, Germany. Criteria: Budget friendly & within walking distance of the Old Town.

#1 – Walking or Cycling

What better way to get up close to the sites and enjoy the beauty than seeing it every step of the way!  Soak up the amazing eclectic mix of romanesque, gothic and renaissance architecture.  Check out the harbor areas where you will find the over 600 year old Konzil building or see the 9 meter high rotating Imperia statue of a woman balancing the naked Pope and Emperor on each hand.  Meander the centuries old streets of Old town Konstanz with buildings dating to the 13th century still standing. Crane your neck and look way up at the Gothic tower of the impressive Muenster Cathedral or feed the geese as you find a quiet spot to relax on the waterfront.

#2 – Swimming

If it is summertime – and that is the best time to visit Konstanz – why not join the locals and go for a refreshing dip in one of the many free areas.  Along the Rhein River, close to the Fahrrad Brueke, you will find many people enjoying a splash in the cool river or simply sunbathing on the grassy or cement areas nearby.  Many join in the fun jumping from the bridge into the water – please be careful to watch for other swimmers and or boats.  Herosépark,  and am Schänzle are other favourite swim spots on the Rhein.  Alternatively, the lake of Constance – Bodensee – also has beach areas where you can bathe for free.  Probably the most popular beach is the Hoernle reachable by foot or bike.  With it’s huge grassy area for sunbathing and cool lake water it can get quite busy on the weekend.  People play frisbee and volleyball, eat ice cream or enjoy a coffee or meal at the Cafe Restaurant Hörnle with a lake view.  Into nude sunbathing?  There is a region for that too!  Here I need to mention the Bodensee Therme.  It has it all – water slides, sauna, thermal bath, pools and gorgeous views – but be prepared to reach deep into your pockets. Although there are many more swimming areas, these are easiest accessible by foot.  Should I do a blog on swimming??? Comment below!

# 3 – Shopping

I am not a big fan of shopping per se, but I love looking at things, especially when they are foreign to my eye.  Window shopping costs nothing, is a great way to pass some time and you might find that very special souvenir.  The old town / Altstadt has literally hundreds of shops you can browse through offering everything from real Lederhosen and Dirndl to kitschig magnets, postcards, t-shirts and posters.  Yes, the good “normal” stuff is available too – just hit the fashionable LAGO shopping center which is just like any mall near you!

# 4 – Kayaking / Surfing / Boating

Being on the water makes this a big past time for locals and visitors alike. Maybe you have your paddleboard / kayak / sailboat etc. with you, in which case you can launch it yourself and have fun!  Otherwise, you will have to hit one of they many rental places offering water sports.  Pedal boats and little motor boats can be rented at the Stadtgarten in Konstanz. The Wilde Flotte can take care of bigger ambitions such as chartering a sail or motor yacht-  it will cost and you need to present your sail squadron certificate if you plan on sailing / driving yourself.

# 5 – Eating!

Although Konstanz is very old and steeped in traditions, it has an amazing offering of international foods at great prices. Some of my budget favorites include Hanoi – Asian food, Pizzeria Paradies – pizza and Turkish food and Defne – Turkish food.  For a little extra money with great atmosphere and views, Donato is a fabulous Italian Deli serving a daily special; fresh and authentic, in the heart of the Old Town / Altstadt or the Hafenhalle, an authentic beer garden at the port serving traditional German dishes and litre size beers!  If money is not an issue, the sky is the limit in delicious dining – think German cuisine at the Brauhaus, potato specialties at Tolle Knolle, steak at the Heuboden, or the Michelin Star fine dining places like Ophelia, San Martino and Seegarten.

So that wraps up my top 5 budget friendly things to do in Konstanz, Germany (within walking distance of the old town).  To view my Konstanz Photos, check out: This is Konstanz, Germany – A Photo Blog

Share your favorite things to do in Konstanz below in the comment section.

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