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Donato ✮✮✮✮✮, self described as a Delicatessen with Italian and Spanish Specialty Foods (Feinkost Italienische & spanische Spezialitäten), located in the old city at Hussenstraße 15, 78462 Konstanz. Phone: (Germany) 07531 24992


Donato, Italienische Spezialitäten, Konstanz
Donato, Italienische Spezialitäten, Konstanz

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This past weekend found us, in Konstanz (Constance), Germany, a delightful town located on the Bodensee Constance Lake, fed by the famous Rhine river. Wandering the old streets of the city, we came across a little Italian Delicatessen and decided to sit and have a glass of wine. Donato is conveniently located in the glorious old city on a busy pedestrian street with fabulous views of medieval buildings. Great way to pass some time! We ordered a bottle of Leone di Castris Primitivo di Manduria, a wonderful south Italian red wine from Puglia.

Donato, Italian Specialties, Constance, Germany
Donato, Italian Specialties, Constance, Germany

Outside of the locale, there are 3 tables and chairs; if the chairs are not being used, it is not unusual for someone to ask if they may join you. This makes for some interesting conversation if you are not too shy! Inside opens up to more bistro style tables and chairs, a glass deli case showcasing cheeses, meats, salads and other delectables, and shelves filled with oils, vinegars, pastas, wines, and other Italian and Spanish specialties.

Donato Spezialtaeten - Burrata, Oliven, Käse, Pepperoni. Donato, Konstanz
Donato Spezialtaeten – Burrata, Oliven, Käse, Pepperoni. Donato, Konstanz

Of course, you can shop and take your groceries home to cook or snack on later, but Donato also offers eat in options. In addition to daily specials, he and his Italian team prepare delectable platters filled with your desired requests; we observed people ordering a bottle of wine, nibbling away on a platter with cheeses, some chose sparkling wine to have with their various Italian sausages, olives and mozzarella, and the next table something totally different.

Frutti di Mare. Donato, Konstanz
Frutti di Mare. Donato, Konstanz

Our appetites grew as we sipped on our wine and we decided the special of the day, Tagliatelle mit Steinpilzen und Kalbfleisch – must be tasted! Quick translation: Flat Noodles with Porcini mushrooms and veal. A fresh house salad arrived first; local sourced crisp butterhead lettuce, topped with tomatoes, cucumber and a tangy house sauce. Sometimes, simple is so much better than complex dishes and this was most certainly the case.

Leone de Castris Primitivo di Manduria Wine. Donato, Konstanz, Germany
Leone de Castris Primitivo di Manduria Wine. Donato, Konstanz, Germany

Shortly after finishing our salads, the main dish arrived. Donato informed us the tagliatelle were handmade as was the porcini mushroom sauce, which I witnessed in the making! The noodles were Italian perfection – al dente, smooth, slightly salted. The mushroom sauce had a delicate flavour, not overpowering, rather adding another dimension. The meat was thin sliced, and juicy delicious!

Tagliatelle served by Donato. Konstanz, Germany
Tagliatelle served by Donato. Konstanz, Germany

As our table seemed to grow with more people, we enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, sharing stories and eventually food as well. The lady next to us ordered a plate of prosciutto with burrata and we decided we needed to try the white truffle butter. It was amazing! The light, delicious butter had everybody reaching out for more. Instead of having a dessert, we opted for a platter of burrata with cheese stuffed spicy peppers, pepper stuffed olives and pecorino cheese bites; a firework of wonderful flavours.

White Truffle Butter, Donato, Delicatessen, Konstanz, Germany
White Truffle Butter, Donato, Delicatessen, Konstanz, Germany

Donato tried to convince us with a “small” tiramisu dessert, which we politely declined, however, we did opt for the digestif Limoncello without any regrets. I can not wait to go back to Donato!!!!

Limoncello, Donato, Konstanz,Deutschland
Limoncello, Donato, Konstanz,Deutschland

What did we try:

  • San Danielle Prosciutto
  • Culatello Prosciutto
  • Burrata
  • White Truffle Butter with Bread Sticks
  • Parmesan and Pecorino Cheese
  • Stuffed red peppers
  • Stuffed olives
  • Frutti di Mare seafood
  • House salad
  • Tagliatelle Noodles with Porcini sauce and Veal
  • Limoncello
  • Leone de Castris Primitivo di Manduria

Five Stars ✮✮✮✮✮ because:

  • Family owned and operated (and they are always smiling!)
  • Locally sourced food when possible, otherwise
  • Imports from Italy and Spain
  • Fresh prepared dishes on demand
  • Great variety
  • Friendly service
  • Good prices
  • Fabulous atmosphere
  • and certainly not least, Fantastic Wine! 😉

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Surprising Info You Need to Know about South Italian Wine, Puglia


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Winemaking has been around almost as long as people have wandered the earth. Some countries have better wine growing opportunities than others due to soil conditions, temperatures and precipitation; this also varies by region.
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Lots of sunshine, clay soil and little rain contribute to the marvellous wine grape varieties which hail from the relatively unknown Puglia region.
Primitivo, Negro Amaro and Nero di Troia are amongst the fabulous black skinned grape sorts which offer not only fabulous taste, but fantastic value as well!
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Kolbenfresser – Germany vs Northern Ireland European Football Action


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An ecclectic mix of around 50 people gathered on the patio garden, alias Biergarten, at the Kolbenfresser of Konstanz, Germany on Tuesday evening at 6 pm (18 uhr) to watch the Germany vs Northern Ireland UEFA Football game (also known as soccer in North America). The eccentric owner joyfully passed out hand clappers to all patrons and encouraged boisterous noise making for all.

Fussball Anschauen at the Kolbenfresser. Konstanz, Germany
Fussball Anschauen at the Kolbenfresser. Konstanz, Germany

The barbecue smoked in the background preparing German grill specialties such as

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St Jacobs – Farmers Market, Hiking Trails, Unique Shops, Hand Made Products, Mennonites, and more


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Supporting Local Producers, St Jacobs Farmers Market, Ontario
Supporting Local Producers at St. Jacobs Farmers Market, Ontario

The St. Jacobs Farmers Market was

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